Experience of use Medutox

We ask buyers to tell us how they use the serum and the results they see within a month.

Comment from Alice of Varna

Medutox Serum Review

A friend gave the serum. I am skeptical of such gifts because I believe in beauticians, not home care. For interest, I decided to give this tool a chance. Surprisingly, it turns out that the product is good enough. From the first day, she felt very moisturized. I also like its consistency and smell very much. I have oily skin with large pores and I am worried that the serum will cause acne. However, it is very light, absorbs instantly, and doesn't feel like a film on the face at all. I really like the scent of Medutox—light, floral, unobtrusive, but it lifts the mood.

How's the effect?

I noticed the effect of Medutox from the first day. The essence moisturizes the skin perfectly. In addition, the moisturization is cumulative and does not disappear anywhere after I wash my face with facial foam or micellar water.

After half a month I saw the fine lines almost invisible. The big one is about half the small one! I don't understand how this is possible, because even the beautician and the injection procedure did not give such obvious results!

Summary: I am very satisfied with Medutox, which is 100% effective and efficient. I will recommend it to all my friends.

Using the experience of Berlin Anna

As soon as I saw the advertisement for the new serum, I immediately asked my husband to order Medutox. I am eager to try a new treatment method. I did not go to the post office, but went by plane. We paid the order directly at the post office, and at first I was sure that the goods I purchased were complete and safe. Everything is perfectly packaged and looks high quality.

How to use the tool

Medutox is an essence and must be matched with a cream. I immediately noticed that this product has become good friends with my other care products and decorative cosmetics.

So how do I use:

  • Apply tonic after washing;
  • Then apply Medutox essence on the face;
  • Waited 5 minutes;
  • If you use it in the morning, apply a night cream or foundation.

In the summer, I used Medutox in pure form, without cream, so as not to depress my face. Moreover, the effect is not bad.

Serum before and after Medutox

My application result

I took a photo specially so that I can see the result clearly. I really like the effect, the effect is obvious after the first use. The first time I used serum was before going to bed. I woke up in the morning and found that my skin became moisturized and radiant. From the second week of use, the effect of smoothing wrinkles is obvious. So far, I have only used Medutox for a total of 2 months, but this is enough to completely smooth fine lines! But what impressed me more was the powerful lifting effect-now I have an oval face, just like when I was 20 years old! I really like this cream, now I only use it, I don't even look at other products. I sincerely recommend Medutox to all women who want beautiful and young skin.