Facial rejuvenation at home

Girl with rejuvenated skin

Any woman wants to stay young and beautiful for many years. Medical institutions and beauty salons offer a wide variety of procedures that can rejuvenate you for several years. The greater the rejuvenation effect, the higher the price of the service provided. What about women who do not have the financial means to afford such an expensive revival?

Such women do not need to be upset, I believe that only in the beauty salon can they achieve the desired success. During the day, you need to set aside a little time for yourself so that your facial skin will be rejuvenated and beautiful. Facial care at home does not require much time and economic costs. You only need to perform the following procedures. Facial skin will remain young and healthy for many years:

Skin cleansing

Oatmeal is perfect for this. They are pre-ground in a coffee grinder, or you can use a normal blender. Pour the oatmeal into your fist and soak it under warm water for 3 seconds until it gets wet. Then we spread it on the palm of the hand and not only wash the face with oatmeal with gentle massage movements, but also don't skip the shoulder and neck area. Oatmeal is great for removing dust, dirt and cosmetics.

Peeling at home

This process is very important for skin regeneration. Peeling can quickly remove dead cells. If the skin is not peeled, the pores will be severely blocked, which will hinder the nutrient supply of the cells and premature aging will occur. Women with sensitive skin should not exfoliate. You can use coffee brewing at home to exfoliate your skin. It is applied to the skin with a light massage motion and then removed with warm water. As a result, you will get soft, velvety skin.

Facial skin nutrition

Regardless of age, the skin needs to receive nourishment. For this, homemade masks, serums and creams are appropriate. As ingredients, products available in the refrigerator are allowed: sour cream, eggs, vegetable oil, etc.

Moisturize the face

In order to prevent the face from becoming like a shriveled apple, it must be properly moisturized. Castor oil is an excellent way to moisturize the face. Before using it, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to castor oil. You should not put it on your face all day, apply it for 1-2 hours, and then wash it off.

Smoothes wrinkles

For this reason, apply a curing mask on the face to smooth out simulated wrinkles. You can buy nutritious clay powder in any color that suits you at the pharmacy, or use eggs. For people with oily skin, egg white is suitable for masks and egg yolk is suitable for dry skin. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil or a little honey to the beaten eggs. For maximum results, you need to relax completely and try not to speak. The mask should harden completely, creating a feeling of tension on the skin. We leave the mask on the face for no more than half an hour and then wash it off.

Massage and gymnastics

As we all know, in order to have a good figure, the body must be physically active, as do the face and neck. Facial gymnastics is best performed in front of the mirror. There is nothing complicated inside, you just need to use your lips and facial muscles to pronounce the letters clearly-O-A-I-E-Y. It is best to massage with fingertips after gymnastics. Before massaging, you need to apply nourishing cream or oil on your fingers. Gently, in a circular motion, tap your fingers on your face for 10 minutes.

Give yourself a few minutes of free time in the morning and evening to follow these simple secrets, and then your skin will always remain young and beautiful without the use of expensive cosmetics and procedures.