Bioremediation-injection procedure for facial skin rejuvenation

After reaching a certain age, the various tissues of the body will begin to age, and it will become more and more obvious at the age of 30-35. The reason is that the production of hormone collagen is drastically reduced, which makes the skin young and elastic. Various methods and techniques for rejuvenation will save you, so that you can avoid the visual appearance of facial skin changes due to age.

Laser skin rejuvenation

Since the dot-matrix laser beam is used to intensively heat the upper layer of the epidermis, laser skin rejuvenation can be performed on the face, shoulders, arms and neck areas. During treatment, they are removed in response to the non-microbial micro-inflammation that is triggered, triggering mechanisms that enhance collagen production, thereby significantly tightening the skin.

In addition to lifting, laser treatment also eliminates the following problems:

  • Shallow netwrinkle;
  • "senescence"Pigmentation;
  • Stretch marks;
  • Blood vessel"Asterisk";
  • ExpandPores;
  • relaxationAnd lack of skin tone.

Laser resurfacing of scars is in great demand.

In the direction of laser beauty with the goal of rejuvenation, popular technologies such as ablation effects can be selected; ELOS technology, photothermal decomposition (dividing the powerful laser beam into many small streams).

ELOS Rejuvenation

ELOS technology is based on the combined effect of light and high-frequency current (photoelectricity synergy principle) on the problem areas of the skin, thereby producing natural collagen and elastin in the deep layers.

The effect of this procedure is cumulative. This technology has a stronger effect on the dermis than traditional lasers, and at the same time it is absolutely safe: the total energy power is smaller, but the penetration is deeper.

The ELOS device does not remove the epidermal layer, but heats it strongly. Due to the difference in the heating of the melanin in the cells and adjacent tissues, even deep wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is significantly tightened, and the spider veins disappear.

ELOS rejuvenation is a gentle technique, especially recommended for patients over 50 years of age.


Due to injection technology, bioremediation is one of the most effective methods for skin rejuvenation. It is to inject a polynucleotide-based biopolymer preparation directly into the dermis, allowing patients to maximize tissue moisture, start the production of collagen fibers, eliminate age spots and small wrinkles, sagging and eye bags, and even make the skin smoother. Skin tone and surface.

The injected cocktail contains essential amino acids (they stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid), peptides (decompose fat) and vitamin complexes (provide skin nutrition), trace elements, antioxidants, polylactic acid (its porous microspheres help to create aPowerful collagen framework).

Under the influence of the introduced bioactivator, dermal fibroblasts begin to function as they did when they were young, and they can trigger skin renewal even in elderly patients.

The procedure is accompanied by the application of anesthesia, which is very comfortable and painless.

Human Placenta Hydrolysate Injection

One of the areas of innovation and renaissance is the injection or dropper procedure of systemic drugsMade in Japan. The medicine is made byThe placental substance rich in nutrients has unique regenerative properties.

The medicine in each ampoule contains:

  • Nucleoside
  • Nucleotide
  • Peptide
  • Enzymes;
  • A large number of essential amino acids;
  • Interferon gamma;
  • Interleukin
  • Micro and macro elements;
  • Vitamins.

Intramuscular injection (drug puncture) or intravenous drip at the reflex activity point of the face. As a result of the surgery, blood flow in the muscles and subcutaneous tissues is improved.

After 8-10 courses of treatment, the remarkable cosmetic effect is remarkable: facial tone and skin tone are improved, the structure is smooth, edema and sagging disappear, and skin scars are smoothed. In addition, lymphatic drainage is stimulated, which eliminates fluid trapped under the skin, thereby making the face older.


Physiotherapy rejuvenation is widely used in high frequency alternating current equipment (up to 400 W) and low power (up to 200 mA). The influence of Darsonval current allows you to solve many age-related problems in the face, neck, and shoulder areas:

  • netwrinkle;
  • badHealth statusSkin-sagging, dark, sagging;
  • acne,Rosacea;
  • Reduceelasticityskin.

The Darsonval instrument is equipped with three types of nozzles, which allow you to change the frequency and pulse of the conduction current to perform darsonvalization in different areas of the face: forehead (mushroom nozzle), area around the eye sockets (elongated petals)-shape), in the nasolabialTriangular area (point-shaped or spherical).

To achieve significant results, at least 15 lessons are required.

Ultrasonic lifting

Another physical therapy method is ultrasound lift. This non-invasive technique successfully addresses the root causes of skin aging and helps prevent sagging of eyelids, cheeks, neck and chin.

Ultrasound affects the subcutaneous tissue with high frequency waves for 0. 5 to 1 hour. During this process, a micro massage is performed and the deepest dermis layer is heated. As fibroblasts are stimulated, the production of their own collagen fibers increases.

Carbon therapy

Carbon or carboxyl therapy has been used in anti-aging medicine for nearly one hundred years. It is based on the introduction of molecular carbon dioxide under the skin of the face. It saturates the subcutaneous tissue, correspondingly, the blood vessels expand instantly, oxygen absorption becomes more active, and the metabolism between cells is obviously enhanced. This leads to detoxification and regeneration of the epidermis, smoothing the surface and color, reducing cramps and muscle tension.

There are two management techniques-invasive and non-invasive:

  • injection-Use a very thin needle to inject carbon dioxide almost painlessly into the "strategic" point on the face or scalp;
  • Non-injectionThis includes applying acid gel on the face (it may sting a bit), activator (it causes a response to carbon dioxide emissions), and then a mask.


Microneedling or mesoscooter rejuvenation therapy is based on covering the face with micropores, applying special active substances to the skin and penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis. The procedure is performed using a roller on the handle, which is dotted with the smallest (0. 2-2 mm) sharp needle made of medical steel. The scars they cause are almost invisible and heal within a few hours.

Another positive effect of rolling the mesoscooter over the problem area is that the microneedles break small skin seals and stagnant capillaries.

The process is almost painless (only a slight tingling sensation is felt) and very useful-it accelerates skin metabolism and improves its color and elasticity, eliminating pigmentation and wrinkles, stretch marks, scar defects.

Ozone therapy

A non-surgical recovery method involves introducing different types of ozone (a more active form of oxygen) into the body:

  • dropperAqueous salt solution treated with ozonation;
  • SubcutaneousinjectionA mixture of ozone and oxygen;
  • shellOzonationolive oil;
  • Reflexology. . .

Ozone therapy directly replenishes oxygen to the skin, stimulates its life activities, forms new young cells, has a powerful detoxification effect, and strengthens the immune system.

After subcutaneous ozone injection, the skin tone is even, fresher, firmer and younger. The oval shape of the face tightened, and the wrinkles near the eyes disappeared. Ozone therapy helps prevent aging by neutralizing the effects of free radicals.

Over time, facial skin will undergo age-related changes, however, modern anti-aging medicine has learned to successfully cope with these changes. Her arsenal includes rejuvenation methods such as ozone therapy, laser and carbon therapy, the use of Darsonval current and ultrasound, bioremediation and microneedling, and many other invasive and non-invasive methods. The beautician will help you choose the most suitable skin rejuvenation technique.